We believe that each child has the right to an educational environment. We make coaching more easy and more fun. We are the coaching platform of the Netherlands for almost 10 years.

We are passionate about offering secure, reliable and future-proof applications and curriculums, enabling people to be connected anytime, anywhere, whilst at the same time creating a more educational environment.

In 2011, we created an offline coaching curriculum in the Netherlands. Age specific and based on objectives. On a small-scale, our country was introduced to a unique extensive age-specific offline curriculum for the first time. This formed the basis for VTON today, which reaches more than 250 clubs.

Then, we only had the season plan; now, you can share complete sessions to your own calender, create sessions from our database of 950 digital exercises. In addition to the coach app, we now also have a player app and goalkeeper curriculum. All these applications communicate with each other.

As a coach you can keep track of stats of your players individual and as a team.


We don’t always give it much thought, but technology has a huge influence on our lives. VTON technology enables you to watch your training sessions when it suits you and wherever you want. Location is no longer an obstacle. 

And that’s just the start. VTON's high-grade and finely tuned platform is an inexhaustible source of opportunities. By helping coaches, we’re making coaching more easy and more fun. Now and in the future.

Our ambitions

How do we ensure that our technology helps coaching to be more easy and more fun? By setting ambitious goals. Our ambition for the next three years is to become the 'Digital coaching platform of the Netherlands. VTON wants to be the undisputed quality leader and trusted companion in the Netherlands for clubs and coaches. We will achieve this by building the best converged smart infrastructure, by focussing on creating the best curriculum and to accelerate simplification and digitalization within our company.

We want to become even more a brand that people love. A future-proof high quality platform with strong premium consumer relations. In doing this successfully, together with our expert and motivated employees we will be able to deliver the best coaching platform.

Technology must be comprehensible and simple. No effort. No fuss. Above all, it must be reliable. At home, at work and on the move. In order to provide this guarantee, we’re constantly investing in innovation. So that, with the best products and services, our customers can feel free.