Because peopleΒ 

want different things

Every coach has their own preferences. Coaches who are interested in a curriculum, coaches seeking for training sessions, clubs who want structure. For this reason, VTON has a number of different features in order to serve diverse target groups as best as possible.


Worlds only offline coaching curriculum. We keep it simple. With a clear and simple offer for every coach. Our products are technological gems, but user-friendliness is always our prime concern. VTON's applications are understood by young and old.Β 

The app supports coaches with coaching comments, animaties of exercises, field-set up and video's of skills. All digital, on tablet, phone, offline on the pitch.Β Β 


offline player app

VTON stands for connection. And you connect together. Club, coaches, players and parents: they are all of great importance for the development of players. The Play app for players connects with the coaches. Watch homework skills, learning from professional players and development at a glance. In addition, the Play app provides the coach with a tool to keep track of statistics per player, such as training attendance, effort, skills and objectives. The statistics show the development of the player and are only used within the football club.

VTON is an efficient organization that strives for simplicity. We respond quickly to market changes – and coaches benefit from this.


OFFLINE goalkeeper APP

The App for goalkeepers has the same functions as the coaching app. The curriculum fits in seamlessly with the objectives in the Coach app for each age group, so that goalkeepers are aligned with their learning objectives. Just like in the Coach app, it's possible to create your own curriculum by compiling training courses and sharing them offline with other coaches.


WEB app

Are you an experienced coach? Would you like to create your own curriculum and make a periodization? This is also possible with the VTON platform. We live in an era of digital transformation. This stimulates the demand for flexibility, autonomy and personalized experiences. Create your own training sessions from more than 1000+ exercises or choose complete training sessions from our database and add them to the calendar. All sessions in the calendar can be shared via the coach app so that the entire sessions are visible offline on the phone. As a coach you are always connected and location is no longer an obstacle.