The foundations of our daily business

VTON connects people with coaching platforms. We believe that each child has the right to an educational training environment. We’re working every day to make life for coaches more easy and more fun. We’re doing this guided by three important principles: customer, together and simplicity. These three values form our compass; they give direction to what we do.


The existence of our business is entirely due to our customers. Without customers, our reliable applications lose their significance. That’s why the interests of our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. What is important to them? How do they use our products? What problems do they encounter?

At our VTON Expertise meetings, we invite customers to brainstorm with us to develop new, smart applications. We want to be the best coaching platform in the Netherlands, and we can achieve this by continually reflecting on how we can improve ourselves and our products. We carefully monitor whether we are successful in this by doing structural research and testing. This is how we are helping our customers, every day.


VTON means Connecting. And connections are made together. Federations, clubs, coaches, players and parents: they are all crucial of the development of a child.

VTON is a frontrunner in technology and service, but our strength lies in our employees. In our organization, employees can count on each other. Our methods are based on integrity and mutual trust. We treat each other with respect and take each other’s vulnerabilities into consideration. We act flexibly, promote diversity and foster a safe work environment.

We also seek connections outside of the organization. We do this by constantly talking to our stakeholders. This gives us good insight into coaching development and needs. It also enables us to exchange ideas about the issues where we think VTON can make an important difference to football education. Our important stakeholders include private and business customers, investors, suppliers, authorities, watchdogs, social organizations and employees. We take the views of our stakeholders into account in our strategic decision making.


We keep it simple. With a clear and simple offer for every customer. Our services and products are technological gems, but user-friendliness is always our prime concern. VTON's services are understood by young and old. This is the only way to connect everyone to each other. And if there is any uncertainty about our services, then we’re happy to help our customers. In an accessible and simple way.

VTON is an efficient organization that strives for simplicity. This keeps us competitive and allows us to respond quickly to market changes – and our customers benefit from this.